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One of the most difficult and persistent problems in the trucking industry is increasing driver fleet size. Recruiting drivers has changed dramatically in recent years. Prelipp Consulting has a strong track record of success in developing highly effective recruiting departments. 


Trucking companies are looking for ways to reduce their cost, have employees become more productive and have their trucks full.


Improving driver hires per recruiter improves all of those issues. When a driver recruiter increases their hires per week by 1 their annual hires increase by 52. That type of an increase is possible with an effective driver recruiter sales training program.


Training driver recruiters to improve their sales skills is a critical success factor in the trucking industry today.


Our Driver Recruiters Program has continuously achieved measurable results in the effectiveness of operations.

The training program covers the following:

  • Sales Concepts —It is very hard for a driver recruiter to sell without a solid understanding of the basics of selling. This program grounds recruiters in solid sales understanding. 

  • Telephone Sales —Working with recruiters and using actual recorded sales calls is a unique program and has increased the number of drivers hired per week. 



Trucking Organizations across the globe have always had to manage a multi-generational workforce. 


Much of this is centered on people management, and companies are beginning to realize the business imperative of hiring efficiently and creating an equitable work environment. Therefore the need to build skills and competencies, and freedom and empowerment are the topmost priorities for the organizations followed by recognition and appreciation to effectively manage people. More importantly, it also needs to be able to measure results and constantly assess its employees through a people management system. Unlocking this potential is achieved by Professional People Management, a division of Prelipp Consulting. 




Our goal is to make a major positive difference in our client companies through executive coaching, training, process improvement, best practices, employee development, behavioral testing and benchmarking.

We work with companies on important business challenges that need improvement. Since the driver shortage is such a pervasive and long term issue it has been a major focus. Recruiting and retaining (capacity development) drivers is one of the keys to building a profitable trucking company.

We have a uniquely strong background in improving capacity development results:

  • Led the recruiting function for Schneider National and Heartland Express

  • Managed operations at Schneider National

  • Former president of two truckload carriers

  • 18 years of successful consulting projects focused on driver capacity development and operations

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