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Is the driver shortage impacting your trucking business?

Do you need to recruit and hire qualified drivers in today’s tight labor market—but not sure how to improve your numbers? 

See how the driver recruitment assessment can make a significant difference to your driver hiring success. 

Download these quick tips to driver recruitment effectiveness

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Covid-19 Compliant

Online Training

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Recruiter Telephone Sales Skills Training
(A Results-Driven Program to Recruit & Hire More Drivers)

Driver recruiter effectiveness is measured by the quantity and quality of drivers they hire. Getting qualified candidates through the process as quickly and as painlessly as possible translates into a higher number of hired drivers. This success starts with improving sales effectiveness through ongoing and effective sales skills training.

Even during work at home orders, you can provide your recruiters with solid sales skills training they need through distance phone training. With over 35 years of trucking industry experience, this is what Prelipp Consulting specializes in—providing companies just like yours with customized sales training to achieve results they need.


A telephone call is really an electronic file that can be emailed, listened to, and used as an assessment and coaching tool for continuous improvement.

Each training program Prelipp Consulting offers is customized to fit the company’s needs and objectives. By understanding your unique environment, jobs, and differentiators, we design a program that sets your company apart from the competition.


  • The recruiting leader and I discuss the company’s driver program and their recruiting goals.

  • We provide customer sales skill training using Zoom.

  • We provide customized job aids to reinforce the trainers.


This results-driven process will improve sales skills and drive more hires substantially each week. Let’s discuss your goals, current challenges in hiring, and how this effective training program can deliver real results for your company.

Driver Recruitment Training
(Recruiting drivers remotely during Covid-19)

Prelipp Consulting has a strong track record of success in developing highly effective recruiting departments and now provides customized distance training at a reasonable cost.

What the training content provides your team:

  • Create a positive sales environment

  • Find out the applicant’s “needs” (why did he/she call? What is he/she looking for?)

  • Use effective questioning, listening and responding skills to guide the conversation

  • Structure the conversation around the current discomfort/need the driver has

  • Use your company’s strengths, features and benefits strategically

  • Learn how to close effectively—confirm what you have agreed to, establish next steps and a go forward process

  • Learn how to use a structured (not canned) approach to sell more confidently (to deal with fear of rejection and improve your close rate)


Sharing best practices and practical skills learned and gleaned from decades of experience including:

  • Understanding of exact issues to avoid to positively impact and improve sales effectiveness

  • Challenging each recruiter to implement a process of continuous sales skill improvement—specific things to do to become a better sales person

  • Continued improvement of sales skills requires ongoing training and reinforcement. This training will help improve skills and results.



  • Discuss with driver recruiting management your recruiting environment and your specific training

  • needs—this will include input from the recruiters on what they want the training to include

  • Present the Power Point training, including the training recording

  • Customize job aides to reinforce sales concepts

  • Be available for ongoing discussions at no additional cost

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